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[[I dissapeered off of the face of the, Gaia. ]]

It was quite lonely being on the ship. No one spoke, no one laughed, there was hardly even a sound.

Errol sat in his room, practicing every spell he knew. 'With the fault of ailments, cure thine! Esuna!', 'Defend against all things physical, Protect!', 'Heal thy comrades, Heal!'.

Master would be disgraced., he thought to himself. Since the past four months since his Master had died, he had never taken it upon himself to learn new Magicks.

'Knowledge is important,' He would lecture, 'To know it is a gift, and you have a gift Errol. Always look to the future, and be willing to learn. Magick is helpful, just as it is dangerous, and never resistrict yourself, like I have.'

Errol slide out a picture of a small, fragile boy, and a distinguished, not-that-much-taller old man, out of the small pocket to the side. I'd best check on everyone, and he grabbed an radio from his other pocket. Wait ten minutes before you say anything. You wouldn't want ot disrupt the mission..

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