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[WIP] Playable Characters by RedRob41

My completed Playable Character Mods:
[K1] Species Specific feats for PCs works in conjunction with [K1] Alien Species Soundsets x 15
[K1] New DS Underwear for Bastila & PCs
[K1] PC Wookiees x 5
[K1] PC Hybrid Lizards x 4
[K1] PC Echani x 6
[K1] PC Sand Person Male
[K1] PC Rattataki x 13
[K1] PC Alien Species (Beta) x 17
[K1] Bendak Starkiller Emblem Armor
[K1] Juhani Catlike Cathar head mod

[K1/TSL] Combat Suit Uniforms for Various Organizations x 8
[TSL] Player & Party Underwear
[TSL] Twin Mullet Men v2
[TSL] Luxa Hair Fix
[TSL] Head Model Fixes
[TSL] RoR Playable Species 1 - Humans

Edit: check out K1 Enhancement Pack by SpaceAlex. I've supplied a few textures and models to the cause
[TSL] Revenge of Revan: Demo (Beta) with Logan23 & RoR team

Original post:
Recently I've been creating PCs for the first KotOR game, because I wanted to be able to play as an alien instead of just as a human.

Alrighty then, so far I've completed my Lizards and Wookies. I'm also working on a whole bunch of others, including the Echani. Right now I'm just tweaking the Dark Side tattoos. I've given them shiny eyes and hair with the CM_baremetal shader.

In the future, I plan on doing some Miraluka, Mandalorians, Twi'leks, Sand People, and more. For the Miraluka, I'd need to figure out a way to give them Force Sight in first person view. It'd be easy in TSL, but I don't know how to do it in K1.
I know that it'll take a while to finish all of them. So far the Echani have taken me about 20hrs to get this far, and the Lizards and Wookiees had taken me nearly 4 months to complete. I've really been enjoying modding, so its just a matter of doing the work.
From time to time, I'll post a new screen shot of something I'm working on.

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