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I did do just that, and thank goodness the hotel had wi-fi, because a couple of those lectures on Saturday were incredibly boring (I'd attended a similar lecture in the past, and I didn't need those particular CE hours anyway since they don't count for my license). I happily ran through a couple levels and about 5 or 6 quests in the afternoon waiting for the good lectures to come around. The old laptop doesn't have enough video card memory to play NF, so I ran around pre-searing Ascalon--got to level 6 or so over the weekend.

I just need to find someone to team up with for a brief time to get through the quests that require another team-member. There are a _lot_ of immature kids in this section, for some reason, and I really don't want to team up with sex-crazed 13 year olds. Happily, they apparently haven't figured out how to switch districts yet, so if one of the guildies can't go there, I might be able to find someone mature in the other districts.

Oh, Nightfall is installing on the desktop as we speak, so I hope to be able to play some tonight before the travel-fatigue catches up with me.

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