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((ooc: Okay. lets start this again, shall we? But lets plan ahead, incase this gets out of control again. Probably like any normal rp, if you have ideas relating to the plot, I suggest we announce it by "ooc" or in recruitment thread. In other words, if you or you want your characters to do something, which in some way could effect the plot, don't be afraid to announce it either here or recruitment thread. I want to hear your thoughts. Okay, thats about it.))

Randon jumped up into the vent, like everyone else. He followed the vent out, and entered the wide, narrow shaft which ran down through the entire citadel. He grabbed the rope.

"PUNCH IT, CID!" he barked into his earpiece. Gradually he started climbing and was everyone was assisted by Cid moving the ship moving upwards.

"Somebody reel the rope in! he also commanded. He knew that it would take hours climbing up this rope, seeing the size of the very tall tower. The rope began to move and was pulled upwards as fast as it could.

A few minutes later, Randon met the mouth of The Gliding Angel and climbed through the shaft. He layed to rest on the metal floor.
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