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Wingless Eagle. That was the name of the ship Souvi struggled so much to keep secret. Only Rim, Rueben and other trusted people knew about it's existence. Souvi normally traveled via public airships just to not have to use it more than necessary, and therefore, risking it. The ship was a small one, all right, but it had a surprisingly amount of rooms. There was, obviously, the Cabin that was connected to the Main Hold. It was also used as Communications Room and a small and improvised Cargo Hold. Through the hold, one could access every other rooms on the ship. There was the Dormitories, with four beds and a small bathroom. You could reach the Engine Room and the Kitchen/Refectory.

But it was the last room on right that Souvi was interested in. He left the Cabin and departed to the Medical Room where Sakura was. He entered the room and checked all the equipment that were plugged to her. Let's see. Breathing... normal. Cardiac frequency... normal. Bones... All fine. Current status... Rapid Eyes Movement (REM) Sleep... He stopped checking the gear. That last report said she was on REM sleep, on other words, on a deep sleep and probably dreaming.

You sure look like an angel sleeping, but please, wake up.


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