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The only noise that could be heard on the cabin was the ship's humming. Both Rim and Souvi were completely silent. The elder one seemed calm as always and was focused on piloting the ship. The young man was hiding the head on his hands, thinking. Rueben... Sakura... Those others from the ship... So much things happening at the same time. I feel like my head--

"Perhaps you would want to be there to greet our guest when she woke up". Rim abruptly cut his musing. He smiled. "If you do, sorry, but you're already late". Confused at first, he got the message only a few seconds later. On a fraction of a second he flashed at the Medical Room. Sakura was sitting on the bed.

"Don't get up yet, beautiful." He said, grinning and helping her to lay down "A bullet injury is still a bullet injury, no matter who you are".


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