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"It's not that he doesn't like you... really... it's just, he doesn't... TRUST you." The prince sighed. "It's pretty hard for him to trust someone... I don't know... how he came to meet Souvi, but he trusts him deeply, and I would like to know why... but I don't want to offend him, by asking."

Rueben was in the cockpit, again, trying to contact Souvi and the Wingless Eagle.

"Grrrrr..." Rueben growled. "Why the blazes won't they answer? This is really making me mad... Souvi... I'm beggining to wonder if I can trust you to be there when I need you most!"

Rueben slammed his fist into the wall. So much for staying unharmed... his knuckles split, and blood ran down his arm. Rueben wiped away the blood and ripped off part of his sleeve and wrapped it around the... damaged hand.
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