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((Let me get this straight: Wonderbread likes Suki, who likes him and Errol, who likes Suki... Ugh, I hate love triangles... or what ever you call it!))

Cid had just noticed the stranger entering the cockpit. He was too focussed on flying the ship away from the Citadel.

"First off: who the hell are you? Secondly, what the hell are you doing on our ship? And thirdly: are the others okay?"


Randon saw the infactuation between the Prince and Suki.

"Tsk... and here I was rooting for Errol and Suki." he thought. "This oughta complicate things..."

He brought himself up, and gave Suki and hankerchief.

"Here!" he smiled, showing some sympathy towards her. "It wasn't your fault. Don't let your memories hurt you..."

He exited the Cargo Hold, and leaned his back against the wall of the Crew Quarters.
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