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" I wonder how my sister's doing. Although she no longer wants to kill me, which very happy about by the way, we still have alot to work through. She's in good hands....I hope. Souvi seemed fond of my sister so I doubt he will let anything happen to her.Is it me or has this turned into a matchmaking ship? I remember a fountain we used to make wishes on when we were kids. She would always through me in there. It had a sculpture of a heart with thorns around it. I wonder if it has survived after all these years. It would be nice if one childhood memory hasn't been destroyed.I'm talking a lot I'm sorry.This is why I don't talk, I just start rambling on." Suki covered her face with her hands." I'm sorry."
Although a young woman Suki tended to fall back into childish mannerisms. Sakura believed this was because of their past. Suki in many ways was to afraid to grow up.

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