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"No one said you had to do anything," Jeez replied somewhat sharply as he turned away. "Yet."

Beryl felt a bit bad about being so abrupt and brushing off Jeez. Seeing him again reminded her of the moment Ryshana had been killed—a completely horrible and distasteful memory if there ever was one. Beside that, she didn’t want to tell him about the bad things she had done, nor the bad things she had thought about doing, and especially not her visitation from Ryshana. She figured he would think she was going mad. But his word ‘yet’ told her that she would have to confront him later. And later suited her just fine.

As Conn and Jana got acquainted, Beryl gave a nod to Cloud, acknowledging his presence, and then did the same for Riebe, though she had to admit she was a bit surprised to see the diminutive former TCTA instructor again. The last time they had met was when Reibe had helped the crew of the Echo escape from Lord Vader—a most disconcerting experience as Beryl recalled—and she cautiously wondered what ‘special occasion’ it was for Reibe to visit this time.

”….failed to mention that last time I saw him..." Beryl heard Jana say.

"I guess my communication can't be commended lately..." Teser had muttered.

As Jana hugged her again, Beryl looked over Jana’s shoulder at Teser and gave him a dirty look. The last time? Beryl thought. Teser can’t be bothered to leave a message for me, but he can meet Jana? He is so going to get thumped later.

"It is so good to have you two back,” Jana said. “... well... you more so... back from the dead and Nic manages to upset..." She shook her head in a mixture of frustration and amusement. "Happened last time too..."

Beryl gave her a quizzical look. Another last time? Boy, gone for a few weeks and everything’s changed….

Max approached Jana, and as Beryl stood back to let her talk she felt a tug on her shirt from behind and turned around.

“Hey, sweetie.” Sam smiled at her, and then latched on to Beryl in such an unexpected and tight embrace that Beryl was nearly winded. “It’s so lonely sleeping in your room all by myself. I missed you so much!”

“So, I see,” Beryl choked out as she squirmed out of Sam’s arms before she could kiss her. “I thought…wait.” Beryl’s brow crinkled. “You’re sleeping in my room?”

Sam shrugged. “Yeah, well… I’ve got my own quarters, but …” She cast a quick look over at Jack. “I don’t feel very safe in there. Besides, sweetie, your room feels all… lived-in and comfy, and,” she added pointedly, “it’s booby-trap free.” She grinned as gave Beryl a quick once over. “Well, you’re certainly looking fit, sweetie, but….” Quite suddenly, Sam frowned and shook her head a bit. “Wait….” She tapped a finger against her lips. “Something’s not right with you. Not right at all.”

Beryl stared back at her, surprised by Sam’s bluntness. “Excuse me?”

Sam snapped her fingers, then pointed at Beryl. “I know. You’ve got that Imp look.”

“Imp look?” Beryl looked over to where Nic was, to see if he had heard Sam’s comment. “I’m not even wearing my uniform.”

“No, it’s not a fashion statement,” Sam explained. “It’s that detached, vacant, cold, ‘look-at-me-wrong-and-I’ll-kill-you’ Imp look in your eyes.” Sam cocked her head to one side. “Yeah, that’s it all right. It’s your eyes. They’re… well, they’re just wrong.”

Beryl shook her head as she let out a sigh. “Whatever.”

Sam donned a worried look. “But don’t worry, sweetie. I’ll help you.”

“I don’t need any ‘help’,” Beryl said. “I just need another drink.” She motioned to the bartender for another round and drinks for the newly arrived, while Conn stared at her with exasperated resignation.

“Oh, you do need help, sweetie,” Sam said quietly into her ear. “You just don’t know it yet.” Before Beryl could retort, Sam had toddled off over to where Jeez was. She nudged him with her elbow, and then whispered something into his ear.

Beryl just shook her head. She turned to Max. “Right, so, Max… really appreciate the rescue and the lift. Thank you very much.” She slammed the last of her drink, then turned to Nic. “So, sir, another round and then should we get back on the ship? ‘Cause we’ve got a mission to plan.” She looked at Conn. “You’re coming to Chandrila with us, right?”

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