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Originally Posted by steven
"Since love seems to be in the air on my ship, I would like to remind you people of no babies rule," Solidus said as he watched Angel going to comfort her newly found love interest. Like her, Solidus had an interest in this man but it wasn't exactly the same interest. Her interest was spiritual, his was lucrative. "Rueben was it? Put down my intern and get your ass over here so you can explain this whole Piece mumbo-jumbo. It's gotten me interested."
"Souvi wouldn't answer, it made me a little... mad... so I slammed my fist into the wall." Rueben said to Angel. "I am not at liberty to discuss that..." Rueben said, turning to Solidus. "Perhaps if- speak of the devil himself. Souvi... Solidus heard you talking about the fragment... he wants to know about it... I won't tell him of course... that's not my place. I would suggest you keep it a secret though... captain... at least until we have agreed on a truce."

Wonderbread left Suki and walked in the cockpit. "I second that notion... it's more diplomatic if you do that..." He said.
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