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Errol was sleeping on his bed, curled to the side. It was quiet, peaceful, and serene. There wasn't any loud noises. Or anything rather. At least until there was a deep utter shake coming from the engine.

'No!' and he thrust himself up from the bed, panting rapidly. Had he dared to fall asleep during a mission!? As he lifted his leg over the bed, he realized it was rather numb, and that his right arm was too.

"...I meditated too long." Errol had heard about the dangers of meditating to long from his master; from doing such a thing, the Magick would store within you, instead of being used by you, and your will is enchanted by whom, or whatever it was, that ruled over the Magick.

He climbed off of the bed, as his fingertips grasped the rim of the bed, and pulled himself upright. He walked, or limped, to the door, his heart racing frantically from what would happen if anyone knew he slept during the quest. "Hello?" He said, walking to the cockpit.
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