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Rueben stayed in the cockpit... not because he wanted to distance himself from Angel, quite the opposite, but because he and the alleged captain needed to stratigize and they needed to do so, without fear of Rueben poisoning them. Rueben smiled at his strange memories... perhaps a little TOO strange for most people to not be crazy... but then again, he was not like most people... he was unique... as unique as a monster in a field of daisies... now that was a rare site!

Rueben frowned... what is wrong with me? He asked, himself. Maybe... maybe I need to get out a little more... I have been held up in Souvi's ship for a LONG time... Souvi and Rueben rarely ever landed... I guess you could call us Space Pirates... although that name's not very fitting... because we don't steal other people's ships... or... anything. He thought to himself. Wait... why am I having a conversation with myself? Am I going crazy?
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