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Originally Posted by TiE23
My Zune came bricked, the screen won't turn on. I can even add files and stuff to it but the screen is black. I can see the back light and I can even randomly hit buttons and start hearing music, but it's not looking good. I wouldn't want to keep it anyway, there is no folder explorer so I can't create folder trees. That means that I would have to put every single video file in a single large video folder, not freaking cool.

I just hope I get my damn money back soon.

Oh dang man, that really sucks

You ordered from right? I guess that always a threat when buying refurbished items. Are you going to still purchase one, though? You have the invisible shield, after all

I'm really glad my Zune was in tact. I was a little worried because I tend to not buy OEM or refurbished items, but the price was just to tempting. I guess being risky paid off in my experience

EDIT: There are entirely too many smileys in this post.

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