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Conn sighed. "Yeah, I'm coming," he confirmed. "The Imperials are definitely up to no good with that voodoo concoction of theirs. If we're able to find out more about it, maybe we'll be able to throw a chink in their plans."

As Beryl nodded in agreement, Conn could tell from the feelings she exuded that she wasn't exactly pushing this out of altruism. Instead, there was a different feeling burning inside her. She'd always been fiery, but this wasn't the spunk he was used to from her. This was a whole different animal: vengeance. He knew he wouldn't be able to dissuade her now, not in her current state, but he just hoped that whatever the Imps had done to her wasn't permanent. Because if it was...

The rest of that thought bothered him to the point it was almost painful, so he shook it out of his mind. Placing a hand on her arm, he squeezed lightly. "Besides Beryl, I just got you back. You didn't think I'd let you out of my sights so soon again, did you?"
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