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Kashyyk Star Map Acquisition

I just got the Star Map on Kashyyk, after talking with that computer-thing. It was really interesting, but it sparks so many questions, like "Who actually built it there 30,000 years ago?" and "Who tampered with it 5 years ago?" I'm reasonably sure these will be answered in the game (or if not, by Wookiepedia when I finish the game), but I have one more question that I'm no so sure will get answered.

I'm playing a Light Side character, so I tried to answer the computer's questions that way. I got light side points but failed its examination. But then after the battle it said that it re-evaluated me and let me take the Star Map. What I'm wondering is: Why did it change its evaluation? The computer says something about an "error" when you ask it.

Will I find out later in the game? Please just answer yes or no; I don't want to do be spoilered. But if you don't find out later in the game, then could you tell me why it changes its mind? Please keep spoilers restricted to spoiler tags.

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