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When Randon first heard this Rueban-guy thing being a chef, the first thought he was thinking:

"Tsk.. This guy? Cook? Yeah right..." he thought. "From what he has to tell me, I wouldn't eat one of his meals..."

"I'm not hungry at the moment..." he shot a dark look at Rueban. He wasn't sure whether to trust him or not. And what was worse, there was something about him that was getting on Randon's nerves.

((I'm kidding, Shan. I love you, man !))

"I'll take that!" Cid took the comm from Rueban's hand (the one with no blood... ugh)

"Listen up!" he spoke through the comm. "You wanted to speak to someone in charge? I'm second in command. We have a truce... where shall we meet?"
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