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Originally Posted by DARTH_DANZIG
Ok, so I think it's pretty obvious what the jig is here.
I am all for more content. Yes it makes the game more valueable in replayability, yes it keeps an entertaining drive, and yes it can obviously be done. What that story amounts to, and how it is brought about should be the real drive behind the games conception I think.

Kotor, could do well to have as much playability as manageable. I believe this as I am a huge fan of epic games, and that is why Elder Scrolls 3, and four(second to three) are games I love, sponsoring as much as, get ready; 500+ hours of gameplay. Despite being subject to gameplay styles and methods.
With all the things we missed in K2 included, K3 is bound to be longer. Also, I think K2 replayability suffers badly from the missing content and makes me long for mods, and the very linearity isn't so very hot either.
So I'd say: more length, more content, more fun. And a TES-like editor might be fun, too.
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