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I played it yesterday at a best buy, and even though the pad used mainly for the hi-hat was busted, requring me to use the lefty flip and play it kinda weird, I still almost five starred Sufragette City. Had the broken pad been working I would have easily five starred it.
You're lucky Grooves. All you care about is the singing, and because any USB mic works with it, and you already had a USB mic, you are able to get it for a reasonable price. Even though all I care about is the drumming (I'd still play the guitar, just not nearly as much, and would probably never sing), I still have to pay for the guitar and mic in addition to the drums. So a 90 dollar game becomes a 170 dollar game, which is too far out of my price range

If/when I do get the game, I'll gladly drum for ya though grooves.

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