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The Wingless Eagle had just crossed the barrier between Valmarias and the outside world.

Second in command? Souvi thought That's not quite what I expected.

He repeated his exact thoughts to the rash voice on the other side of the comm. "Second in command? Yeah, I guess you'll have to do. As you know, you have something that interests me and I have something that appeals you. I propose that we meet outside Valmarias territory and satellite states, and rendezvous at Nibelfaram Mountains. Clearly a neutral territory."

The mountains of Nibelfaram. The place is quite a sight itself and is a highly regarded destination for tourism. However, recent Deth movement have stopped all the tourist activities on this side of the globe. According to the Valmariam Tourism Board, however, many people whgo call themselves 'adventures' do risk their lives exploring the Mountains of Endless Beauty, as Nibelfaram is also known as.

Fauna and flora of Nibelfaram aren't exactly diversified, but it counts with notable examples such as the Frio'Ryu, or Cold Dragon, who's meter's tall. Some kind of archeology movement had begun flourishing on Nibelfaram before the Deth, but those happenings never came to light.

"So, what do you say?"

*30 minutes earlier*

Souvi just entered the improvised Cargo Hold and the spherical orb began to shine. He approached, cautiously, remembering how the Sphere had burned his hand before. He touched it. Nothing happened at first, but on a second fraction something similar to a big rune appeared on the orb circular surface. He had never seen that before. What does that means?


.Bioshock inspiration.
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