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Sakura worked her way around the ship. ' I am so lost.' She worked her way around until she reached the kitchen. ' Food ,real food!' she gobbled down whatever was in front of her. ' It's been to long since I had an actual meal. I forgot how great food tastes.' She talked with the servants and they graciously showed her where Souvi was.
She peeked in and heard 'neutral territory'. 'That's a good sign she thought.' She made her presence known. She was hard to miss, she was wearing a medical dressing gown and a blue robe.

" Hey, I got bored. I'm feeling better. So planning to meet them ,good I oddly miss my sister. " She walked over to Souvi and kissed him on the lips gently. '' I have been wanting to do that since I met you. This isn't a game I truly ...... think I'm about to pass out. Maybe I pushed myself to hard but I wanted to see you. I think I'll go rest now." she started walking off but turned back. " By the way I think I'm in love with you. Come and visit me if it's mutual." she smiled and a crew member helped her back to bed.

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