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"Sixty minutes to reach Nibelfaram, Souvi." Rim reported dutifully.

"See what can you do to cut that time to the half, Rim." Souvi commanded. "I REALLY want to get there before they do." He got "Aye" as answer. The Gliding angel looked like a fast vessel, But we are much smaller than them and, therefore, faster.

Much of what Souvi said was during his meditation. He was on that deep 'dream' since he found out about the rune on the orb... Even as Sakura's condition and what she said were troubling him greatly. He got up and said. "I'm going to check on Sakura. Call me IF it's urgent."

*20 minutes earlier*

After thundering the cabin with absurd speed, Souvi immediately started a research on the Ship's computer data. He inserted a scan of the rune that appeared on the orb and started searching for matches on the library that was digitalized on the ship. He was surprised to acknowledge that a sole match was found. On a dictionary. The entry said: (**** - Rune) 1. (arc) (dial) Zhenertian. - Sole entry - entry ends..

And that was all he could get. "Zhenertian". A Archaic Dialect. Hmm, what the hell? He looked for entries again, this time on "Zhenertian". No entries found. "Damn!" He hammered the keyboard. Noticing the strange behavior of Souvi, Rim asked what was the problem.

"Zhenertian! That's the problem" Souvi shouted unmannerly.

Rim didn't seemed offended a bit, despite Souvi's answer. "What about them?"

"Them? They're--" He stopped. "You know what it means?"

"Sure," Rim answered "everyone on Valamrian territory does--"

"What it means" Souvi cut him abruptly.

Rim answered "It's Wonderbread. Or how they were known as."


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