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"Wow... you're really bad at hitting on chicks..." Randon muttered under his breath.

Suddenly, the cockpit heard the loud noises of screeches and bangs coming from outisde. "What the hell?"

Randon exited the cockpit, went through the security/living area and entered the elevator which headed upwards. As the elevator halted, the doors slid open to reveal the exterior of The Gliding Angel. Randon stood on the deck floor walked up the back of the ship. He climbed up the stairs to the poop deck at the rear of this ship.

((strange name "poop deck", i know. You'll see it on Pirate Ships))

There Randon saw a view of Valmarias in the nightsky... and the source of the noise was from fireworks. Bright coloured explosions erupted in the sky.

Randon couldn't help but chuckle. "Bloody festival..." he added. "Happy new yeah, everyone."

Then he saw what appeared to be black pods, joining in with the fireworks... they obviously weren't part of the display, as they were falling from the clouds. Fifteen of the pods came closer to the ship.

Randon squinted to try and identify what they were...


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