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"OH NO!" Rueben yelled. "Souvi you IDIOT! Why did you do that? HOW did you do that?"

Rueben looked at Wonderbread. "It's happened... I don't know how... but it has... Souvi has activated the map!"

Wonderbread looked shocked... I, or one of my family, should only be able to do that! Do you know what this means? It means that commners are gaining more power than what they should have... there is going to be a revolution no doubt! He said to himself.

Wonderbread walked to Rueben side and stood on his toes and whispered something to Rueben... Rueben's eyes got wide as he realized the full impact.

"That's NOT good..." He mumbled back to the prince. "We must prevent war at ALL costs... even our lives." Rueben sighed and then said loud enough for everyone to hear... "Stay away from the door... that's an... ancient evil, one that has been dormant for they're very existance... but something has awakened them... that is... the Deth!"
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