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“You didn't think I'd let you out of my sights so soon again, did you?"

Beryl met Conn’s gaze then shook her head. “No. You’re too stubborn for that.” She caught sight of Max trying to give the credit chip to Jana. Jana had refused, but Reibe seemed inclined for her to take it. “… never hurt to accept a gesture of kindness.” Reibe said.

Max seemed confused as to why no one wanted the chip, and voiced a few complaints about it. "Maybe Lana was right and I was crazy to try and offer it to you people..."

Beryl plucked the chit from Max’s fingers. “I shouldn’t seeing as how Ryshana died for it, but, like Reibe said, it would be rude to accept your gesture of kindness.” She bowed her head to Max. “So, thank you, Max.”

She pocketed the chip and then downed the rest of her drink. “Well, Max, it’s been great fun.” She shook Max’s hand. “Thanks for everything—the rescue, the lift,…” She raised her empty glass. “… the drinks.” She looked at Jana, and then Nic. “I don’t know about you, sir, but I’m ready to blow this joint and go home.”

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