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lolz.... those old school titles wont get off the ground in xp let alone vista until they write a decent emulation platform from scratch.

(if anyone replies to that linking to <insert ridiculous homebrew app that does a half assed job> I will laser beam their face with my death-ray goggles that tk made for me)

The R680.... being a smallform fan, not my first choice - it would never fit in my case !!
With the 8800GT going slim n sleek, you'd think ATI would follow suit.

Ah well, If you didnt like gaming, you could use it as weapon to smack burglars in the head with LD

AMD is so environment/energy conscious in their engineering outlook and design, I was hoping it would have rubbed off on the ATI peeps...maybe not ??


EDIT: I think NegSun has displayed great comittment to being the tech area's roving reporter, so I am honoring his original request to have this stickied. Keep up the great work, ya wee devil

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