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"Likewise," Jeez replied to Nic as he shook his hand. Turning away from Nic, Jeez walked over to the bar and ordered a virrelium juice. After a moment, the bartender set it down in front of Jeez. Nodding to the bartender, Jeez turned around to look at the assembled crew.

I wonder exactly what you saw in them, Jeez thought to himself. All I can see is one drama unfolding after another, and its beyond distracting.

Cradling his drink, Jeez wondered to himself as to exactly what Force was leading him into now. Quickly downing the entire soft drink in a single swallow, Jeez set the glass on the bar and left the credits to pay for the drink. Plus a tip.

Hearing Nic telling the crew to leave, Jeez then commented, "And not a moment too soon." Following the rest oft the crew, Jeez kept to himself as they made their way back to the Echo.

See the struggle of the faithless lot as they negate their time
How low to sink to the depths of their frame of mind

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