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hmm..might give that deskpace a go - I wonder if it will allow me to run vista media center on a second virtual desktop... EDIT: It does ! great stuff jmac >>works great on Vista x64 too

Ive got a couple:

Any Video Converter (Free Edition lower down on page)
Free, highly tweakable - I use it for all my HDTV archving, converting all my recorded/edited mpeg2 > H264. VERY easy to use, more reliable than super(esp on x64) and prettier too

Vista Codec Pack & Vista x64 components
any serious multimedia fan/hoarder will already know about this. Also, a MUST INSTALL for anyone planning to use a vista rig as a mediacenter pc. An entirely comprehensive package of codecs/tools, customisable. Includes ffdshow, vobsub, haali/matroska etc

Even better for x64 users is that the compiler has created an x64 components add on, allowing all files to work across WMP and Mediacenter(sometimes a file/codec is x86 specific and will open in WMP but not mediacenter, this addresses this for all relevant filetypes)

check the site regularly as the compiler keeps codecs/filters versions meticulously up to date

see screenie >> there is simply nothing as wonderfully comprehensive

Last but not least (not sure if Ive mentioned it here...)
FairUse Wizard
Light Edition = FREE, fast and very easy to use! The ultimate DVD>AVI(xvid, divx, x264) converter. Intuitive GUI, not a messy dogs breakfast like Auto GK Tweakable if you need it, or basic/auto modes. Supports batch encoding, as well as encoding from .isos. Best to have the latest divx/xvid/h264 codecs installed in the background. (or you could use the vista codec pack listed above - which includes all these)

piccie en francais,but proggie can be installed in english as well of course


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