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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
Here's a couple of updates:
Steam goes old school
No exactly hardware but worth mentioning I believe, it's good that people look back at older titles (especially in the LA lineup) and bring them back to life...I just hope they actually work on XP or Vista lolz
I think it's a great idea but I'm not sure LucasArts is on board with it. LA seems to be in the back of the pack when it comes to digital download of their games. The only game one can dl right now is SWG and that game was only made available for purchase and dl a few months ago on Direct2Drive.
Originally Posted by Negative Sun
The R680, need I say more?
Holy mackerel this is one huge card! It looks very sexy though, but looking at the power connectors it also looks like it might eat your PSU for breakfast...
No kidding! I guess with two onboard GPU's one shouldn't be surprised and the article did say they expected the card to draw in the neighborhood of 200W. Yikes! I like the idea of two GPU's on a single card but I don't want to use a solution that consumes more than 100-125W.

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