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Jack had sorted drifted into a deep trail of though as his fellow crew members talked about the recent happenings. It was only when he felt everyone around him leaving their seats did he snap back into reality. He quickly downed what was left of his drink down his throat before standing up to join them in their exit. He wasn't exactly sure where they were going, or even if they had anywhere to go but he could hear the cries of an upcoming conflict in the near future, and the Echo's crew were going to fly straight into it.

"So captain," Jack said as he caught up with Nic as he was leaving the Echo. As Jack was about to finish his sentence, he was interrupted by a foul smell radiating from Nic. "Geez, you weren't kidding about the clothes... Anyway, where are we going next? I kinda moved into my own little world back in the bar so I didn't hear anything you said... Sorry..."

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