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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
EDIT: I think NegSun has displayed great comittment to being the tech area's roving reporter, so I am honoring his original request to have this stickied. Keep up the great work, ya wee devil
lolz is that some Scottish I spy there?

Originally Posted by Char Ell
No kidding! I guess with two onboard GPU's one shouldn't be surprised and the article did say they expected the card to draw in the neighborhood of 200W. Yikes! I like the idea of two GPU's on a single card but I don't want to use a solution that consumes more than 100-125W.
Same here, it's just as pointless as going Sli or XFire IMO, save getting a new mobo...

Here's a longer article on the Phenom and the whole 'Spider' platform, with some nice pics of 4 HD3800's in Quad Xfire and such...

Amazon wants to re-invent the book...
And fails miserably IMO, nothing will ever beat buying a good 'ol paperback for those long train journeys I think.

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