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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
lolz is that some Scottish I spy there?

Amazon wants to re-invent the book...
And fails miserably IMO, nothing will ever beat buying a good 'ol paperback for those long train journeys I think.
lolz, being as Oz Turkish Cypriot makes me a bit removed from being Scottish, but my GF is actually - clan Morrison - aye !

I dont mind the e-reader at all. I've used a pda for ebooks/audiobooks since 2002. I think the cost for that unit is a bit prohibitive atm, you could get an older pda with large screen for 1/4 of that price off ebay etc. Places like mobipocket are already prolific e-book online sellers.

But its the way of the future, mark my words !! Here's why :

*Libraries will never be out of the books you want !
*Getting a rarer book will be easier. Those is further flung places have difficulty getting certain titles, and have to buy online, pay heavy postage etc
*Paper saving is good for the environment
*Has anyone tried carrying more than 3-4 books aroudn in their bag, no room left for anything else !! No such problem with such a gadget.
*Being in digital form, books are cheaper to distribute, no print costs
*Hardcovers ! ugh. hyper inflated price and dimensions - never again
*Libraries/schools/universities can save space.

*those in the printing industry will have significantly less to do, or be out of a job. Still, when youre relying on 500 year old technology to make your living, you need to skill up for the inevitable, IMO
*the phrase "curl up with a good book" will need to be amended


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