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"A modification that should have been made the moment it became evident Reibe was going to stick around," Jana shot back. "And it's our ship anyhow."

"Jana, you hardly have to defend me from Nic's rage," Reibe said, laughing softly. "Nic, that gives me easy access to my fighter. Don't tell me that you couldn't use another fighter in action in some of the scrapes you'll encounter. Well, there it is... and here's its pilot." She indicated herself.

"It's not that major a modification, really," Jana offered, attempting to soothe the captain. "Just a little rerouting to a little wiring... the catwalk's routed around the fighter dock. Nothing like, say... swapping the engine room with the bridge."

"Though that was considered in the modified design," Reibe teased. Jana glared at Reibe.

"He already doesn't like you," she snapped. "Don't give him a reason to stab you to death in your sleep!" She stormed ahead, frustrated for the second time within a half an hour by interaction between her captain and her trainer. Reibe watched her go.

"Back in the Rest, her storming off was your fault," she told Nic. "That one's mine... guess we're one for one on setting her off..."

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