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I actually enjoyed the movie quite a lot. i got a little confused with some of the plot points at first, but there were a bunch of nods and references I noticed from the game.


- a bunch of camera shots were from the back of the head while he was walking, and it literally felt like watching the game
- talking to Diana on the computer and on the phone. her voice was spot on.
- exploding briefcase
- some kids were playing the hitman game while 47 was walking through their room
- use of the fiber wire, although he only used it to knock someone out.

plus there was this one scene which felt so much like the game. he had to meet up with this dude and in order to do that he had to go as this arms dealer that was meeting with him. so 47 scopes the location out a bit first and plants some supplies in the bathroom toilet. then later that night he sees the target in the restaurant and drugs his food so he has to puke in the bathroom. 47 follows the guy to the bathroom, walking all casually and stops and gets frisked at the entrance cause that guy's an important dude. then he goes in the stall next to the guy and picks up his supplies. he sneaks up behind the dude and injects him then takes out the guards. takes the dude's id stuff and just walks out. I thought that was a really good sequence.

the actor was actually pretty good too. the only things i didn't like was that the actor smiled once and the character is supposed to basically be emotionless most of the time, but i guess that would make him seem too wooden the whole time.

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