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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
wow. Five month thread necromancing. To talk about one of the worst movies of all time. Cool?
I actually though that it wasn't that bad of a movie. But opinions mean nothing in the eyes of a critic/ doesn't have any value to anyone, but that really doesn't mean anything.
{Wait a sec, don't critics give their opinions?}

Originally Posted by Darth Groovy
No sir. Spider-Man 3 is suffering from a trend over the last decade and if you look back, you will agree with me on this one. All movies that involve super heroes on a third sequel basically suck. Now Spider-Man 3 is not one of the worst ones out there.
No I don't think that Spider-Man 3 was one of the worst ones out there, but wasn't the greatest out there. I would rank the movie a 8/10 personally. B's aren't bad at all.
I also agree the " movies that invovle super heroes on a third sequel basically suck" part. Generally that is what tends to happen. But of course, most of this is IMO.

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