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Originally Posted by stoffe
It should be possible to do, I've just been too lazy to get to it since it wasn't really needed and string matching of that variety is quite tedious work in a language without regular expressions or other advances string matching functionality.

But if there is need for it I can add it to the To Do list and try to implement it.

I'd have to update it to be able to handle the ERF V1.1 format as well so it can read NWN2 MOD files for it to be all that useful. If I recall correctly the differences were fairly minor, just implementing the longer 32 character ResRefs for the contained resources instead of the 16 character ones KOTOR/NWN1 uses? The ResType <--> File extension conversion table may be different as well.
Thanks then. I really don't want to be a bother, I even tried to use your 2DA converter, but when I tried to convert the 2DA files of NWN2 to binary format, the results weren't always happy (sometimes the data on all columns was concatenated all together in the first column). Even if they were it wouldn't be user friendly since anyone using a mod like that would have to run the patcher and then use the converter to convert file by file back to a text 2DA. Anyway, thanks again for keeping your support to the modding community.
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