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Originally Posted by Christos K
This post has some spoilers. I agree with everyone who says it needs to take place right after TSL (No years or months, right after TSL Maybe a week but no more than a week!) I do think that it needs to take place right after TSL. You will either start as the Exile on the way back to Telos (most likely to inform the Republic and tell Carth even thought Carth said not to) or you will start as a new character waiting for the Exile on Telos. Now for some gameplay ideas of mine that will work. If you start as the Exile you will create two characters. One character for Revan using the faces that bioware made only they will all look a little bit older, and a Exile using the same faces. (If there is a new character they will get new faces.) Also I think it might be fun if once the character finds Revan that Revan becomes the new party leader and the character/s (Either the Exile, the new character, or both) you are using become party members (They will have no voice but that really doesnt bug me infact if the creators want to add voice they can) Also on the party problems, The new party should include 10 more people tha go with the 13 last members (HK-47, Canderous/Madalore, Mira/Hanharr, Atton, the Handmaiden/the Deciple guy, Carth, Bastila, Jolee, T3-M4, Juhani, Visas, GO-TO (However due to the cut cutscene the party will keeps "fat" Gotos' remains), Bao Durr (However again due to cut content Bao Dur might be dead just as many other party memebers from both games so this is as if you didnt kill the)
Haha! You make it sound like Halo where you Master Chief and the Arbiter. But you do have some good ideas, but if it was a new character, it either be:

1. A force sensitive who doesn't know it and comes across a Jedi in hiding who notices the PC's force sensitivity.
2. A new recruit for the Republic(also force sensitive) who, while on his/her first day on duty, gets caught in the cross fire of a Sith ship and a small Merchant Vessel(or a smuggler vessel *hint* *hint*) and ends up with a escaping Jedi who was on board the Merchant/Smuggler Vessel.

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