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With little expression, Beryl stared at Jana for a moment. Beryl felt something odd about Jana through the Force, but again she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was. She was about to mention her feeling to Jana, but then, for some unknown, reason, decided not to.

“I’m on drugs,” Beryl answered matter-of-factly. “But Conn says he can fix that.” She frowned, then shrugged with indifference. “Eventually.”

She didn’t wait for a response from Jana, but instead meandered over towards the Headhunter. “So, anyone been flying her while I was away?” she asked, changing the subject as she ran her hand over the fuselage. “I wasn’t allowed to fly anything solo at the Academy.” She snorted with disdain. “Commander Thalmon and Dr. Ferrana thought I might be a ‘flight’ risk.” She turned to Jana, with a smile that looked positively evil. “They were right, of course.”

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. “But it feels so good to be home, Jana. I know that this is just a ship, but… it feels like home.”

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