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Jana chose to ignore the comment about Beryl being a flight risk. "Jeez has flown her a few times," She said. She chuckled and gestured to the new fighter dock. "And before we had that installed, you should have seen the challenge it was for Reibe to access her fighter... hop in a space suit, clamber up to the upper hatch, which, incidentally, Reibe's fighter was docked right on top of..."

She laughed. "She made me do it once so I'd stop laughing at what she had to go through if we needed an extra fighter in action. Truth be told, it only made me laugh more. You could push the hatch open a bit, but then you had to squirm out under the fighter, hope to Force you didn't get bucked off while the ship was moving, and climb up on top of it." She shook her head. "No wonder she wanted that," she concluded gesturing again to the fighter dock.

Beryl closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. "But it feels so good to be home, Jana. I know that this is just a ship, but... it feels like home."

Jana smiled warmly. "It is home, Beryl. Four solid walls and a solid foundation on a planet isn't what makes a home. It's the heart of the thing... and it's where we spend our time when we're not out on a job." She gave Beryl another quick hug. "It's good to have you home, Beryl."

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