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Beryl nodded at Jana. For an instant, she felt as if there was something important that she needed to tell her, but then the thought vanished just as quickly as it had come.

“Right, so I guess that I’ve missed a few cooking rotas,” Beryl said, staring up at the ladder to the catwalk and the decks above. “Reibe hasn’t remodelled the galley, has she?”


One hour later….

The crew were beginning to gather in the common room for the evening meal. Beryl had taken it upon herself to cook, and was just chopping up the last of the vegetables for a nuna stirfry. It had been a long time since she had actually prepared and cooked real food, and for the first time in many weeks she was enjoying herself. Until her hands started shaking again.

“Damn it.” She had sliced her finger with the chef’s knife.

“Something wrong, sweetie?” Sam sidled up beside her.

“Just a bit careless,” Beryl answered. She sucked the blood off her fingertip. The cut wasn’t very deep. “It’ll be fine.” She scraped the vegetables from the cutting board and into the frying pan. Then she paused. She glanced over her shoulder. Conn wasn’t around just yet, probably still getting acquainted with the med bay.

“Sam…,” Beryl started, “you wouldn’t happen to have any… tranqs, would you?”

Sam raised her brow. “Me? Tranqs?” She shook her head. “I’m a stim person, sweetie. You know that.”

“Yeah….” Beryl sighed. “Well, then can you reach up under that cupboard there? There should be a bottle of Cassandran Brandy stuffed up underneath the lip of the cupboard.”

Sam did as she was asked and handed the bottle to Beryl. “Expensive taste, sweetie.”

“Yeah, well.” Without ceremony, Beryl covertly took a long swig from the bottle, then splashed a bit of it into the stir fry. “Gives the veggies a bit of a kick.”

Sam shook her head. “You really need to tell the Doc about that,” she said, nodding at Beryl’s tremoring hand.

“He knows already, okay? But he said I’m not due for any more meds for…” She looked at her chrono. “…1 hour and 12 minutes. So….” She shrugged. “Here.” She handed Sam a large spoon. “Stir this, keep it moving and don’t let it burn. I’m going to get bacta patch for my finger.”

Sucking her injured finger, she headed for the medbay. But just as she was about to enter the room, Conn opened the door to come out and the two of them collided heads.

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