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Raven ignited her lightsaber. Batila gave her daughter a annoyed look. " Rav , you know I taught you to only use your lightsaber as a last resort. You could have put him in a Force Choke instead. I've found that to be more effective. Plus I sensed him already. Had you been meditating like I told you to, you might have sensed him as well."

" Sorry mother." Raven mumbled.


Aren walked into the Crystal Cave on Dantooine. She inhaled deeply and sighed. ' I have missed this place.Many memories good and bad but it's always felt like home.Definately much better air quality than the Unknown Regions. Now to find a new crystal for my new double bladed lightsaber.' She spotted a glowing crystal that seemed to call to her. ' Perfect. A Cyan crystal.' She left the cave and right outside the cave she decided to meditate and ponder whether she should go to the Jedi Enclave or not. A memory of Atton fluttered through her head. ' I can't get you out of my head not that I would try to. I wonder if.....I tried to contact him through the Force. Besides Traya he was the one I bonded with the most.At least I could apologize for leaving without telling him. Worth a shot though he's probably playing pazzak in his head to sheild off anyone trying to invade his mind. I got to tell him that trick came in handy over the years.' Through the Force she tried to contact Atton. ' Hey it's the half naked Jedi.' she laughed as she remembered their first meeting on Peragus.' I'm back or what's left of me is. I mean I'm physically fine it's more...well anyway. I'm on Dantooine by the Crystal Cave. Hmm to prove it's me....Got it! Remember when I had too much juma juice after we defeated Darth Traya and I kissed you but you pulled back and told me to sleep it off. I was so mad but you said that if anything were to happen between us that you prefered me not to have juma breath when it did. It was late at night so noone else was awake and you let me cry on your shoulder. I never thanked you for that. Someday I will.'

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