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"Thanks, man. *COUGH* Yeah, well they don't pay as such *COUGH*, but Mr Tinhead here's got lots of credits. He says." ... Jedi ... "Hey, anyone *COUGH* care for a quick round of pazaak, I feel someone's..." ... it's me ... "Forget *COUGH* about it, guys, we gotta get going. Move it, HX. I'll tell you more when we're on our way, Sef."

Having assured Sefton that they did not intent to arrest him as long as he didn't bring his 'business friends' into the equation, Atton described their situation: "... so now you know it. She left when I slept, and didn't even leave a note. And I can't get over it. *COUGH* Hey, stop grinning, the two of you!"

"I'm afraid droids cannot grin, sir. It is beyond my means to display such a feat. May I add that you appear to be somewhat excited?"

"Anyway, once we've found her, we should join the others to find Revan. I'll go and meditate."

That said, Atton withdrew to his cabin and let his mind fly. He caught glimpses of Aren and himself, a mix between dreams and memories and echoes in the Force.

Dantooine... She must have been there again... Crystals in the cave... So close...

The thought of a mouthful of juma juice shook him out of his meditations. He never enjoyed it anymore since then. I wish she had spent more time with me to make our bond deeper. I can feel her. Somewhere. Out there. ...Aren?... Unlike some of the other Lost Jedi, Atton had hardly trained his force powers. He had practiced his sabre techniques instead and become a respected instructor.

If I ever see you again, I'll keep you long enough to... The door opened. "Sir, we have almost reached Dantooine."

At peace with himself for the moment, Atton replied: "Thanks, HX. I'll be with you in a bit."

"Very good, sir. I shall retire to the cockpit." How very peculiar to see such a change in Mr Rand. I wonder what the General must be like when the mere thought of her can invoke such a change in people. Obviously, I haven't been told the whole story.

"Mr Rand will be with us shortly, Mr Slycks. Nonetheless, I am afraid we must still keep quiet about our meeting on Nar Shaddaa. Were you able to find a suitable blaster rifle for me? I have equipped the vibroswords with shock cells, as you requested."
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