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Sefton looked over the computer console, the tracker stated that the Hawk was flying way out towards the outer rim. So perhaps there are bigger things going on here. Stick with them long enough and I'll find out, somebody is going to pay well for this information. Sefton closed out of the program and locked the computer. He walked to the cockpit to find the droid in there, waiting.

"Get out, you're not allowed in the cockpit. Don't ask questions its just my rule. I'm going to check up on Atton, discuss payment. When I come back you better be gone or you'll be scrap metal. Don't take this personally." Sefton took one last drag of his cigarette and put it out on ashtray nearby. They were laying around all over the ship. Collecting their fee for the ride wasn't his priority, but it would be best to ask for one, keep them from suspecting him of any ulterior motivs.

Sefton strolled down to Atton's quarters. Stopping by his refrigerator on the way that was stocked with beer and sandwiches. He wasn't really that hungry yet, so it would be just a beer for him. Atton was in the regular meditation position. Sefton popped off the cap to the bottle and took a mighty swig. He thought that might get his attention but Atton remained silent.

"We need to discuss payment Atton. Or what I'm going to get out of this endeavor. Lending my assistance out of generosity never put cigarettes on the table. And, if I may ask, what makes you think going to Dantooine will help you find your dearly beloved Jedi friend?"
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