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Atton looked up: "Hey, Sefton. I was just about to go and look for you. So, you want credits? OK, you get paid one third in advance, the rest when we're finished. Plus expenses. I'll tell HX to pay you right now. But don't play pazaak when he offers. He only says he's a mediocre player. I was gonna ask if you want to team up with us for the time being? I could use another pair of eyes watching our backs. I don't wanna have to rely on HX only.
Since you asked: There's a Jedi Academy there, but there's also a cave that has a special meaning to myself and Aren. I need to go there first and see if can find a trace of her. As I told you, I'm no great Jedi, so I'm not as good at contacting her through the force as I should be. Going to Dantooine is my best bet."

He stopped, concentrating. "Wait a minute, Sefton. HX-20. HX-20. HX-20." He looked at the smuggler's face, without a word. "Why does that droid's name make you twitch?" Atton shook it off. "Ah, never mind, I'm no good at the Force. I'm a swordsman. I guess I'm imagining things, now that we're close to Dantooine."

Half-turned, he added: "I'll go and clear the Vagabond for landing. You better lay low and stay in. We shouldn't take chances as long as we don't know who set you up. Friends of yours from Nar Shaddaa, maybe?"
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