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"I got friends all over the galaxy. All I know is that it's going to take more than a cheesy advertisement to scare me. Anyways, I have business of my own on Dantooine, just a side thing but might as well take care of it while we are there." Sefton took another swig of his beer and thought about what to say.

"I was a starfighter, for the Sith. Back when Revan and Malak ran the show. My fighter was shot down over the skies of Rakata Prime. Crashlanded it on a beach. I watched the Star Forge explode in the sky and that's when I knew the war was over. Republic search and rescue party picked me up and took me to a POW camp. After that I had nothing. Stole me a ship..." Sefton patted the wall next to him.

"...started smuggling the usual...guns, drugs, fugitives, dont do slaves though. Little piracy and side jobs here and there. But I told myself that I'd never be a mercenary. Oh well, could use another adventure anyways. Just make sure the gold doesn't run dry."

Sefton turned around to get back to what he was doing. Leave Jedi to his meditation. Sefton stopped. "Oh yeah, nobody pilots the Vagabond but me and make sure the droid stays out of the cockpit. There's beer and sandwiches in the fridge if you get hungry. Sandwiches are good, and all I know about the beer is that the only people that drink it besides myself are damn dirty Gamorreans." Now that was everything.

Sefton walked back to the cockpit and commenced landing procedures. He turned on the ship's comm system. "We'll be hitting the atmo in 2 minutes."
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