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Atton made a face when he entered the cockpit to watch the Vagabond land at Khoonda spaceport and to give the Jedi code if they should need it for procedures.

"You were right about that brew of yours, man. I'll give it a miss, I don't really feel Gamorrean today. Besides, I need to keep my head straight, at least for a while.
You know, I just saw HX walk down the corridor with a blaster rifle. I mean, a brand new one. Not a standard one, either. He says he got it of you. Tell me, Sefton, did he pay you that well?
- Er, no, DON'T tell me, OK? I feel I don't wanna be able to answer that question anytime soon. I'll just tell myself I'm confused because I've felt Aren, after fifteen years.
Can you believe she forgave me my past? With the Sith? I mean, she was in the war, too, but I wasn't a pilot. You know I was out there with the really bad guys, remember?
And she looks at me and she says: I forgive you. Wow."

Overwhelmed, Atton sank into his seat and watched Khoonda draw closer.

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