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Bastila frowned. " Bounty Hunter? This just got a whole lot more interesting and complicated."

************************************************** *

Aren was playing pazzak with her old Ithorian friend. " One of these days I will beat you."

" Not likely.Your troubled , Jedi. You reek of fear." said the Ithorian.

" Reek? Lovely choice of words. Yes fear has seemed to overcome me. So many things happened at the Enclave. My masters dying in front of me. Kreia's betrayel. I never was good at controlling my emotions. Maybe Vrook was right when he called me dangerous. A Jedi who leads with her heart is a very dangerous Jedi."

" Khooda would have been destroyed had you not followed your heart. Make peace with your past or the future is pointless. "

" Ithorians have always been wise. I shall follow your advice.....after I beat you at this game. I'm beginning to think Atton let me win. I really suck at this game!" Aren laughed.

" You really do, Aren, you really do." the Ithorian agreed.

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