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HX-20 walked down the ramp to meet one of the local protocal droids. He saw any elderly Ithorian and yes, the General he had come to find. Strictly obeying his orders, he kept his fellow droid busy and showed no sign he had recognized the General. With his rifle slung over his right shoulder, he followed his 'collegue' towards Khoonda.

At the bottom of the Vagabond's ramp, Atton froze. He had been so busy thinking about Aren that her real-life presence in the Force struck him like a ton of lead. Ten tons of lead. OK, make it twenty. Where have you I have Why I You been missed This true is AREN!

Atton's feet gave up on the mess in his head, took control and sent him running towards the Exile. She was still playing pazaak with the old Ithorian who had no idea that soon, HX-20 would happen to him and leave a good impression. Just before Atton would have run into the pazaak players, his feet stopped and kicked his mind awake.

"Hey Juma-breath, how's things? Still practicing?"
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