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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 
"Beer and sandwiches in the fridge." Sefton said as he walked back up the loading ramp. When he came back out a swoop bike from the cargo hold was ready, he started it and sped off into the countryside. They wouldn't be going anywhere with his ship, he had locked the controls.

After an hour of traveling he arrived at a small farm house. Two guards stood outside, armed with blaster rifles. He hoped off his bike and approached them with a smile on his face. Best to look friendly.

"I'm here to see Del." Sefton called out, they pointed their rifles at him and came closer.

"We were not warned of your arrival." One them said coldly.

Once they got to him at point blank range Sefton replied, "It's unofficial." He then followed this up with a kick to the groin on one guard. While simultaneously moving the barrel of the other out of his chest. A punch to the face knocked that one out cold and the other Sefton merely shot with his blaster, it was only on stun though.

He approached the house and kicked in the front door. Everything seemed normal and in place. Few decoration here and there, he was probably in the basement. Sefton kicked in that door too to find Del, and sly looking Twilek sitting in a chair reading his datapad. Del got up and reached for his own pistol laying on a table next to him.

Sefton had his blaster pistol up first. "Don't try anything Del."

"What is this Sef?" He replied.

Sefton closed in and took the blaster off the table still ready to put a beam in his head. "Have your men been using the product." The place looked like a farm house from the outside but it wasn't. Del operated a spice processing lab for the Exchange. Sefton came here regularly to make pick-ups, and Del usually knew what was up. But he wasn't supposed to be here unless told to. To his left Sefton saw about a dozen protocol droids just staring at him. Del used droids to run the lab, was a lot easier that way.

"Get back to work." Sefton barked. They right away followed his orders. Like a bunch of chefs in a restaurant on a busy night.

"What do you know about the witty advertisement on Corusant?" Sefton asked him. But he did it with a smile as usual. There was no need to be serious for people to know he meant business.

"I know nothing!"

"Exchange set that up? Or the Hutts?"

"No, you've been doing jobs for them for years, and doing it well. Why would they?"

"You don't know anything?"


"You wouldn't lie to me would you Del?"

"No, I have no reason to." Sefton knew this to be true. Del was a sneaky bastard, but usually on his side.

"Alright, well your going to be my eyes and ears. You know people in government, Exchange, and what not. Just call in a few favors and look under some rocks."

"And why should I do this for you?" He asked.

"Because I'll pay." Sefton pulled out a fat stack of Republic bills from his pocket and placed it in his hand. He pulled out another stack and placed it in his other hand. Sefton knew what the language of these underworld types were, money.

"And that one is for the government bounty on my head. Get it cleared for me. We have a deal?"

"Sure, but you better not come in here like that again."

"Won't be a problem as long as you deliver, send whatever information you get to my datapad." Sefton lowerd his blaster and handed Del back the one he took from him.

"You know credits can be wired electronically now!" Del called out to him as he ran out.
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