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Originally Posted by Oddball_E8
hmm... i dont know, personally i dont like "huge-eye-covering-tattoos" but the rest of your work is great man...

how about making a slightly toned down version? like the first of those female echanis? (that one is great btw, just the way i like it)
Thanks for the helpful opinion. Yeah, I think its hard to do the large eye tats without making them look like clown makeup or Kiss wannabees. I was already a little unsatisfied with the second female's tats, so I'll probably re-work them a little bit. In the meantime, here is a preliminary look at the males:

I still have a few touches to finish up with them (there are a few crooked lines), but I think that the style of these ones suits the Echani. Simple, yet distinguishable. They don't need to have thier entire faces covered like Darth Maul to look like they mean business . The main thing is to make those bright blue eyes stand out.

I appreciate every one's opinions, so please keep 'em coming.

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